Top Vancouver Personal Trainers

Ted Loo Fitness
Ted Loo Fitness is a team of professionally certified personal trainers in Vancouver that help their clients achieve the results they want. We operate out of a professionally equipped Vancouver personal training studio near Cambie & Broadway. What sets us apart from other Vancouver personal trainers is that we train you for your very special set of circumstances, your body type, your personality and your needs. We assess what you have going on in your life at that particular moment in time and adapt your training so that you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.
Location : Vancouver, BC
Phone : (778) 859-9348

Certified Fitness Boot Camp
We Provide Personal Training and Motivating group fitness in strength and cardiovascular exercises, Core training, Yoga, Pilates, Core secrets, circuit training, boxing, kickboxing, self defense, stretching, breathing techniques, functional training, short distance running, jumping rope, fun activities, surprises and scientific training in a fun workout to achieve total body conditioning & Body Sculpting!
Location : Vancouver, BC
Phone : (778) 317-7833

West Coast Fitness Solutions
Located in downtown Vancouver, personal trainers at West Coast Fitness Solutions pride ourselves on ensuring our personal training clients remain motivated and committed in their endeavor to exceed health and personal fitness goals through our positive, encouraging views on life, health and fitness. We believe that personal fitness is truly the key to a successful, fulfilling life. We include a holistic approach to personal training and wellness encompassing cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and nutrition. We operate from a belief that everyone can benefit from seeing a personal trainer - multiple times per week or even as little as once every few months. Having your own personal trainer guiding your personal training program and progress is the key to success. Your personal trainer will ensure that your workouts are safe and fun! That’s why our clients experience life-changing results with our personal training sessions.
Location : Vancouver, BC
Phone : (778) 997-1890

Fitness on the Go
Fitness on the Go is dedicated to helping people just like you reach their fitness goals. We make fitness easy and affordable by sending a certified personal trainer to your home to guide you through an exciting, effective workout on your own schedule. Our trainers bring all the necessary equipment with them, teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently, and help you to stay motivated. No wonder, so many people are enjoying continued success with Fitness on the Go.
Location : Vancouver, BC
Phone : (604) 638-2348

Transfigure Physique Transformation Services
The core of Transfigure is about honesty and accountability, with yourself and your personal trainer. I see my role in my clients' success as being one of a coach, a leader and a motivator. I believe great leaders lead from the front, not the back. That said, I'm no armchair trainer, for over 20 years I've been completely absorbed in bodybuilding and strength sports. As a lifetime natural bodybuilder, I've been at the forefront of extreme physical change. I have worked tirelessly developing my own body and I expect nothing less from my clients who are very serious about being their best. My approach to training is simple; put into it as much as you want to get out of it. Your transformation won’t be easy. In fact, it may be the most difficult thing some of you have ever done. But the results are worth it. You'll require planning and perseverance, nutrition and exercise to transform your body. It is my job to delicately balance these variables to suit your individual needs. I don't subscribe to random, non-progressive workouts; everything I do is meticulously tracked and analyzed to ensure the fastest results. Doing it right the first time!
Location : Vancouver, BC
Phone : (778) 892-2533