Top Toronto Personal Trainers

We all know the positive effects of exercise, but very few people know the correct way or have the desire to begin or stick with a fitness program. ResQFit takes an individualized approach to exercise that builds your body, mind, and self-esteem. You will receive the support and motivation that is needed to maintain safe and consistent workouts. ResQFit provides you with broad choices in how and where you would like to be trained. Our personal trainers and fitness specialists can come to your home or office, or even work with your company to design a program to train many individuals.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (905) 770-7348

Karie Hamilton
A Downtown Toronto Personal Fitness Trainer, or more commonly known as "The Fat Assassin". I've been helping people just like you get and stay in shape and lose fat permanently for almost a decade. Through the years, I've seen countless people start with killer enthusiasm only to end up in the same shape, or in worse shape than they were before they started!
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 333-1999

Personal Trainer in Toronto
Personal Trainer in Toronto is committed to providing top-quality services in the fitness industry. I specialize in: fat loss, muscle mass building, strength and power training, rehabilitation, and sport-specific conditioning. My ultimate goal is to help you reach your health and fitness potentials. I operate throughout Toronto and surrounding areas (service zone map). I offer personal training: in homes, condos, studios (including; Stretch, located in Yorkville), and outdoors. Nutrition counseling and meal plans are included with personal training. I also offer exercise programming with nutrition counseling and online services.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 912-9716

Alex Cristiano
I have been involved in the exercise industry for the past 18 years. I am a certified CPTN personal trainer . I have trained both men and women between the ages of 18 to 65 with great results. With this experience I can help you to learn not just how to exercise, but to stay motivated and excited about working out and becoming your best.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 668-5187

Lauren Shuster
Lauren Shuster is owner and operator of Toronto Personal Trainer dot net. Lauren has experience working with pre\post natal clients, older adults, post-rehab clients and clients training for sporting events. She has a background in modern dance and ballet which she uses to help educate her clients about proper posture, focus, flexibility and balance. Her detailed knowledge of sport specific exercises allows her to build her clients’ strength and endurance. Lauren specializes in core training using the BOSU, stability ball and resistance band to create unique programs for her clients that improve their posture, strength, endurance and overall health.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (647) 294-5155