Top Seattle Personal Trainers

Laura H. Martin
Laura H. Martin, MS, is the owner of The Exercise Company, a personal training company located in Seattle, Washington. The Exercise Company offers exercise and nutritional training in the client's home or gym, and group instruction as well as corporate seminars. Laura was the Fitness Coordinator for Emerald Heights Retirement Community located in Redmond, Washington, for 4 years. Laura is on the advisory board for Lake Washington Technical College, a lecturer for Evergreen Hospital, and has been a lecturer for Exercise Etc. Inc. (a national continuing education provider for fitness professionals)
Location : Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 324-6430

Urban Kinetics
Urban Kinetics on Capital Hill, Seattle, is the home of some 25 independent personal trainers who have built their businesses large enough to leave the traditional health club setting. They work with a wide spectrum of clientele from the injured to the first timer all the way up to the professional athlete. Based on your input, fitness level, and goals, a trainer will either work with your existing program or build a new one for you utilizing exercises/movements derived from traditional weight training, Yoga, Pilates or the most up-to-date clinical data.
Location : Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 322-3947

X Gym
Seattle and Kirkland’s premier one-on-one personal training facility specializes in high intensity workouts requiring only 20 minutes, twice a week to achieve unsurpassed results. Our system is different than anything you have tried and is only available at the X Gym. Each protocol emphasizes a different muscle fiber type and energy system that gives you a well-rounded fitness without the typical plateaus. Results come faster and safer than any other form of training. Another X Gym asset is our continuous protocol development system which ensures updates and upgrades when new and better research comes out keeping us in front of all other exercise studios and methods.
Location : Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 728-9496

Athletic Engineering
At Athletic Engineering, we specialize in post-rehabilitation and sports performance, focusing on connecting the hands and feet via the core. We can help healthy individuals improve their overall performance and fitness; prevent injury; and improve efficiency of movement related to specific needs and goals - all while providing education and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Individuals recovering from an injury will find that we operate within a medical model that is built to recover health through collaboration between doctor, physical therapist and other health care professionals. We can design a program that corrects dysfunction, decreases symptoms and prevents against repeated injury patterns.
Location : Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 340-9931

B-Fit Personal Training
B-Fit Personal Training integrates all the components of fitness into one individualized program. The result is the most balanced fitness program available to help you sculpt your ideal body and revitalize your life. My name is Peter Feysa. My fitness program is designed specifically for YOU, to help sculpt your body and revitalize your life. I utilize all the components of fitness and provide you with the most complete and comprehensive fitness program available in Seattle.
Location : Seattle, WA
Phone : (206) 914-9650