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US Fitness Pros
Our ProFit taining system offers fully customized personal training sessions and partner/group training, specializing in: -Weight loss and body sculpting -Core strength and stabilization training -Functional movement and Postural correction -Sports specific training -Sports related injury rehabilitation -Nutritional counseling and meal planning. During your personal training sessions we will work to correct any aches, pains, joint dysfunctions, muscular imbalances, and postural-distortion patterns you may be experiencing. We will discover how to recognize and understand the messages your body is sending you, and how to respond and move in ways that keep your body healthy, fit, and pain-free.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 265-1600

Fleming Fitness
Each client receives a tailored program designed to help them achieve their fitness goals. This is not just exercising, but a rebuilding of the body. To meet these goals, your fitness program will be specially tailored to you and will incorporates all aspects of whole body fitness, including dynamic flexibility, weight training, cardio, strength training, Pilates, high intense core movements and so much more... I am a fitness Professional with over 6 years of personal one-on one and couples training experience. I’m young, energetic and excited about what I do and what you can achieve.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 667-1417

Rick Alexander
Rick Alexander is a: Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed U.S.A. Boxing Coach, and a Strength & Conditioning, Cross fit Training specialist. Highly experienced in the world of fitness and an extreme motivator. I am an enthusiastic fighter with a passion for motivating people to find their perceived limits and to inspire them to surpass even their own expectations. It is my personal belief that there is little discrepancy between strong individuals and not so strong individuals. The difference is simple, one is motivated and one is not!. Thats where I come in, if you are strong I challenge you to become stronger. If you are not, I challenge you to allow me to build you into the stronger, healthier and more active you that you have longed to become! I am confident my nutrition and meal tip programs combined with my workouts will speak for themselves.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 694-8303

Victoria Westphal
Personal training should be about the person. Many trainers offer program after program of "proven results" generic formulas. What makes my approach different is that I listen closely to what you have to say, take into account what unique things motivate you, collect the logistical information needed and then use 20 years of personal training experience to create a carefully crafted program that will help ensure you get to your goals. This style enables me to "put life" into your program so you will look forward to your time exercising. Sustainable, practical, effective and fun. It really is about you. You don't adapt to my program, I skillfully adapt your program to you.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 891-2650

Optimum Results
One-on-one personal training. We specialize in changing body composition through a customized meal plan strategy and personalized exercise system. You've got to experience the way we do it here at Optimum Results. We'll exceed your expectations of personal training and what you are capable of achieving as you move dynamically using medicine balls, tubing, stability balls, dumbells, a pilates reformer, boxing, balance boards and more to produce fitness success... All within a science-based framework that delivers the meaningful results you desire and deserve.
Location : San Jose, CA
Phone : (408) 927-6387