Top Sacramento Personal Trainers

Healthy Habits
The Healthy Habits family of studios provide fitness, nutrition, and motivation to our clients through personal and group training, healthy eating and living classes, group exercise classes, and healthy supplements, clothing, and food options.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 444-7729

Better Fit Fitness Center
We are a personal training studio and exercise facility, created for clients of all ages and level of fitness and athletic ability, who wish to workout in a personalized training environment without the distractions of a crowded and impersonal club or gym. Better Fit Fitness Center (BFFC) is a judgment-free environment, so all newcomers as well as elite athletes can feel equally comfortable with their abilities and progress at their own pace. Certified and experienced personal trainers are available, allowing clients to workout under close supervision, thus avoiding the risk of injury.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 739-8780

Fitness Together
Our Certified Personal Trainers design a Personal Training Program to help you reach your weigh loss, toning, and complete health and wellness goals. Our personal trainers offer one on one personal training programs in private suites for men and women of all ages from teens to seniors. We offer comprehensive fitness assessments and nutritional plans that are designed and monitored by our top certified personal trainers.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 483-2930

The Capital Athletic Club
At The Capital Athletic Club we understand different needs, goals and budgets require customized solutions and we are committed to finding the best one for you. We believe personal training is the most time effective and time efficient way to get in and stay in shape. Whether you are looking to lose body fat, improve shape, increase endurance, boost energy or simply feel great, our private trainers are focused on working with you where you are at right now and getting you to where you want to be. Our elite core of private trainers are selected for their education and expertise; they hold an eclectic blend of inspiration, care and knowledge. Perhaps your individual routine needs updating- a single session with a trainer can revitalize your work out. You’ve just had a baby- a 10-week program with a trainer can get you back into pre-pregnancy shape. Whatever your case may be, The Capital Athletic Club has the personal training option that fits you best.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 442-3927

Kumu Bodyworks Partnership
The mission of the Kumu Bodyworks Partnership and its managing partner Bradley Stern is to provide our personal training and corporate wellness clients access to the best wellness-oriented human resources in Sacramento, all available through one web portal and one partnership. We use the work we do, either individually or together, as tools to open the minds of our clients, guiding them towards an elevated level of focus and presence in all aspects of their lives. We believe that slowing life down, being present in the moment and working from the inside out is the foundation, the source, the elemental way of being.
Location : Sacramento, CA
Phone : (916) 802-4925