Top Rochester NY Personal Trainers

Wergo Inc.
Let Personal Trainer and Coach, Chris Sutton, show you how to achieve all your fitness goals! Wergo Inc. is on the cutting edge of the health and fitness industry providing clients with the most up-to-date, scientifically based, functional training programs. We will motivate, educate, and give you all the tools necessary to accomplish your fitness goals. WE GUARANTEE IT!
Location : Rochester, NY
Phone : (585) 749-3696

Maximum Fitness
Personal trainers in other places are usually part time just biding there time until something better comes along. At Maximum Fitness our trainers are full time professional trainers. We are not a small studio comprised of just rubber balls and elastic bands, that some "training studios" claim get just as many results as full scale facilities. At our private facility, you get the best of both worlds. A full scale training facility with a studio feel! Our facility is 2500 sq ft with a cardio room comprised of multiple treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, stairmaster and elliptical trainers. Our weight training area consists of dumbells ranging from 3 to 140lbs, various plate loaded machines, pre-made barbells, nautilus style machines, free weights and benches. and yes exercise balls and bands. At Maximum Fitness our focus is the client regardless of age, sex, or fitness level. We will work side by side with you encouraging you every step of the way to achieve your maximum goals.
Location : Rochester, NY
Phone : (585) 383-0530

Tricia Rzepkowski
Tricia Rzepkowski is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and degreed Nutritionist. She brings over 10 years of experience in national clubs, private gyms and home-based fitness facilities. Her specialty is building fun and practical strategies to empower women in their quest for emotional and physical well-being. Tricia also advocates spiritual fulfillment as a contributor to balanced health.
Location : Rochester, NY
Phone : (585) 216-5865

JCC Rochester
Whether you are striving to lose weight, reach better sport specific conditioning or are just tired of your current fitness regime, our highly qualified staff can help you achieve your goals. Our nationally certified trainers will take into account your past and present workout and health history when developing your individualized program. A JCC Trainer: • Works with you one-on-one to meet your goals • Helps you to stay focused, accountable and motivated • Varies your routine for best results • Adds education and fun to your workouts • Reduces intimidation • Enhances strength and conditioning to improve your quality of life
Location : Rochester, NY
Phone : (585) 461-2000