Top Portland Personal Trainers

Tri-D Fitness
Our staff is the reason Tri-D is the leader in helping people understand their bodies and what it takes to reach their health and fitness goals. Trainers are nationally certified and possess a diverse set of specialties ranging from changing body composition through diet and exercise, elite athlete training, or individualized programming for clients with chronic pain issues. Together, we possess the skills and experience of more than a half century!
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 520-8743

Northwest Personal Training
At Northwest Personal Training, we are passionately committed to helping you adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle so you look and feel your best. We include a holistic approach to fitness and wellness encompassing cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and nutrition. We operate from a belief that everyone can benefit from seeing a personal trainer - multiple times per week or even as little as once every few months.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 287-0655

Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss
Portland Personal Training and Weight Loss is a local fitness company whose goal is to offer personal/group training and weight loss programs to everyday people. We are the perfect solution for people who thought they couldn’t afford professional help or are not comfortable with a young trainer in a huge gym. No matter what your goal is we have a solution for you. We have both male and female trainers from various age groups. We work out of multiple locations or will come to you.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (541) 579-0290

Studio X
Studio X turns the typical gym experience on its head. Built on the idea that you can be the master of your body, your health, our trainers and instructors are focused on helping you realize your health and fitness goals. There are no weight machines here, no stationary bikes. Instead we use a unique blend of functional training through: - Personal training - Small group classes - Pilates - Yoga - Sports massage. We pride ourselves in providing a motivating, non-competitive environment. Whether you’re working with a personal trainer or Pilates instructor, our goal is to address your fitness needs and provide tools for integrating exercise into your life.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 236-7114

Josh Sabraw
Josh Sabraw is a respected personal trainer working in Portland, Oregon. My Program Guarantees That My Clients Will: * Lose weight * Reduce stress * Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety * Reduce your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer * Boost your mood * Give you more energy * Help you sleep better * Increase bone density * Strengthen the heart and lungs * Improve your quality of life
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 593-0179