Top Ottawa Personal Trainers

C.U. Fit Personal Training Studio
At C.U. Fit Personal Training Studio, we offer a private atmosphere with highly qualified professional training staff and state of the art equipment. We provide the highest quality of service and offer water and towel service at no extra cost. Our studio is equipped with a private showering area, offering full amenities. We ensure full assessment of your fitness, nutrition and wellness while you train with C.U.Fit. Our studio is clean and bright and the staff are friendly and professional. We deliver results oriented, individually customized programs for all levels of fitness.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 720-4611

Trinity Training
Trinity Training is committed to helping you achieve a healthy balance in each aspect of the health trinity - fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Being healthy is not only about being physically active, but it is also about seeking nutritional balance and balance within your self. Driven by a passion for health and fitness, Trinity Training was founded by Andrea Hamilton in 2005. Trinity Training is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 863-6225

Allan Alguire
In 2005, Allan received the award as Trainer of the Year for Goodlife Canada. Allan was selected out of 4500 personal trainers across the country and was recognized not only for his capabilities as a personal trainer, but more importantly, his clients' success in achieving their goals. Allan's expertise includes weight loss, sport-specific training, injury rehabilitation, group training, and many other aspects of physical fitness. His clients range from university students to seniors, men and women, from a plethora of different backgrounds including Politicians, business owners, athletes, and high-profile executives.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 321 1159

Bounce Personal Training Studio
Bounce is a company specializing in designing and implementing programs centered on functionality. Our customer base is one comprised of people working at desks, or other occupations that revolve around repetitive patterns of movement, or non-movement. We work extensively, and in conjunction with a team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists to ensure that we know everything we need to about your particular issues.
Location : Ottawa, ONs
Phone : (613) 236-8481

Function to Fitness
Function to Fitness is a Physiotherapy and Personal Training studio located in Ottawa. The studio is owned and operated by Margaret Martin. Margaret is a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). She is a health care professional with over 25 years of experience helping people, like you, achieve their health and fitness goals.
Location : Ottawa, ON
Phone : (613) 296-8276