Top Orlando Personal Trainers

Extreme Athletes
Extreme Athletes is a full-service personal training company dedicated to improving the health of America one life at a time! If you're serious about getting into shape, contact one of our professional personal trainers. Serving the Orlando, Florida, area, Extreme Athletes is dedicated to matching you to the perfect personal trainer! We're serious about the health and fitness for our bodies, and we want you to be, too. Whether you're a beginner, athlete, overweight, or even a senior citizen, our trainers will work with you and your particular needs to develop an exercise program that will keep your body challenged, but won't strain you either.
Location : Orlando, FL
Phone : (407) 227-1485

Jacob Dickson
As your personal trainer, my job entails much more than simply giving you a great work out. I will work with you to constantly evaluate your progress and ongoing fitness needs. I will provide you with guidance on nutrition and healthy eating habits so you can maximize the results of our training sessions. I will take the guesswork and monotony out of your fitness regimen, and strive to keep our sessions fresh and energizing. Most of all, I will be a positive, reliable partner on your path to being a happier, healthier person.
Location : Orlando, FL
Phone : (407) 403-0880

The Fitness Studio of Orlando
Our personal trainers have years of experience and hold national certifications and college degrees. Our first concern is your personal health and fitness goals when designing your program. We want to help you make lifestyle changes in order for you to receive benefits for years to come. We use more than traditional machines when developing your routine. We use balance boards, stability balls, medicine balls, and bands to add functional fitness and variety to your workout.
Location : Orlando, FL
Phone : (407) 532-6600

Florida Fitness Concepts
We offer a full service training facility with some of the best personal trainers and state of the art equipment in the Orlando area. There is no facility fee required for our gym. We have fitness plans that include nutrition, weight bearing movements and cardiovascular exercise without totally consuming your life. One unique thing that you will find at Florida Fitness that sets us apart from other facilities is our spirit. you will feel the energy fro the moment you walk in the door. Our mission at Florida Fitness Concepts Personal Training Center is to offer a realistic approach to fitness that can be incorporated and maintained by everyone in their daily life.
Location : Orlando, FL
Phone : (407) 897-6633

Lindsey Love Gallucci
My workouts are challenging, effective and fun. I combine high-intensity interval training, polymeric exercises, core balance training, kickboxing, kettlebells, speed and agility and yoga. My clients range from youth athletes, to collegiate athletes, to new moms, to individuals suffering from chronic back pain, to the couch potato who hates to exercise. Each client has different needs and objectives. As a fitness trainer, it is my job to individualize my clients’ programs based on these variables. I have a strong passion for helping my clients obtain their optimal level of fitness so they can enjoy life to the fullest!
Location : Orlando, FL
Phone : (352) 339-5517