Top Las Vegas Personal Trainers

Dan Eiden
What separates Dan from other personal trainers is his vast knowledge of exercise and nutrition as well as a never-ending passion and devotion for the fitness and health care field. He feels that his background as a competitive natural bodybuilder compliments his knowledge of exercise and nutrition and proves that not only does he practice what he preaches but that his philosophies and principles work. It is clear that he has devoted his life to his profession by his never ending quest to learn more and constantly better himself to the benefit of his clients. Dan is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 521-6012

Elite Personal Training
Elite Personal Training offers a range of services from 1 on 1 personal training to meal planning and program design. Our clients achieve their goals through a combination of strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 575-5826

Adult NR Trainer
With years of training experience, we are the premier trainers for the entertainment industry. After working with various models, entertainers, and mainstream clients, we began to see a pattern of common injuries and muscle imbalances. We found a need to develop a program that addressed these issues and helped prevent future problems and injuries. Adult NR Trainers offers programs uniquely adapted to your particular training needs allowing you to reach your goals quickly and safely.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (609) 217-7385

V.I.P. Fitness
At V.I.P. Fitness our goal is to take your health, fitness, and wellness to the highest levels. We work hard to motivate and educate our clients on all aspects of a health/fitness program. We minimize and/or eliminate the frustration, discomfort, and pain that is often associated with exercise. We design programs that will maximize your efforts and get you to your goals as rapidly as possible. We listen to our clients and make them an active part of the program design process. Your goals are our goals. At V.I.P. Fitness we provide a relaxed atmosphere that is not intimidating and never competitive.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 870-8010

Dismond Fitness
My name is Andre Dismond, foudner of Dismond Fitness. I am a highly qualified personal trainer with over 8 years of experience. My goal is to help my clients reach their goals 100% by shaping, conditioning, motivating, and giving them the best experience of their training lives. With my motivating and training techniques, I'm 100% sure you will be satisfied with your results and wanting to come back for more.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 985-6868