Top Kansas City Personal Trainers

Abu Shabazz
Abu Shabazz is from Kansas City, Kansas and trains clients to attain their personal best in fitness. His training philosophy is simple: Proper nutrition is like the roots to a tree. Proper training is the growth of the tree. And, the results are the beautiful branches and leaves it produces. Abu’s clients have experienced great success, losing pounds and inches for important life events such as weddings, momentous birthdays or just slimming down to fit into your favorite jeans. He is dedicated to personal training and enjoys seeing his clients reach their personal goals. Abu Shabazz is from Kansas City, Kansas and trains clients to attain their personal best in fitness.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (913) 269-4257

Diana Chaloux
Want to lose fat weight and get in great shape? Come and train with me for the BEST personal training in Kansas City. Regardless of if you have 100+ pounds to lose or want to get in shape for a competition, I would love to help you achieve your weight loss goals!I offer One on One Personal Training with Nutritional Counseling for all of my clients. My goal : To educate, inspire and motivate others to achieve their own personal fitness goals!
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (210) 363-2969

Micah LaCerte
I specialize in changing people inside out. I am not only a Personal Trainer and Fitness Model but I also do Lifestyle coaching. Teaching people the correct way of living their life through positive choices and healthy living. I have worked very hard over the last few years with everything I have accomplished but my #1 passion is helping people reach their goals. I have been given the gift of self motivation and healthy living and i try to reach as many people as possible even if it means i work 15 hours a day to do it. If you are in a situation where you have been feeling down about the way you look or how you feel inside then you need to give this a try.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 753-8900

KCFitnessLink offers personalized training to meet your needs. Our certified and degreed personal trainers can help you: * Improve your health * Build strength and flexibility * Increase your cardiovascular endurance * Create safe and effective programs * Monitor your results * Diversify your workouts * Use exercises and equipment properly * Build a home gym
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 256-4443

Steele Gym & Fitness
At Steele Gym, we are serious about fitness. Our goal is to offer the best fitness value in the KC metro area. Beginners, bodybuilders, and everyone in between find a home they love at Steele Gym and Fitness. We make fitness affordable. Licensed Personal Trainers and group classes available to help you meet your individual goals. Boot Camp, Body Sculpting, Kick Boxing, Cardio Blast, and Pilates achieve quick results while having a great time. Kid’s classes kick start a lifetime of good health and fitness. Fun and fitness for the entire family.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 468-5588