Top Jacksonville Personal Trainers

Established in 2004, Definition remains the preferred Personal Training studio in San Marco. Definition's Certified Personal Trainers have an average experience of 12 years each. Our philosophy centers around a comfortable workout environment that focuses on the benefits of personal training. We encourage and inspire you to achieve the highest levels of health and wellness. In addition to offering the moral support to help you get the most out of your sessions, our trainers are up to date when it comes to the latest information on training techniques, nutrition and exercise program design.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 398-6442

Body Works Inc.
Body Works Personal Training in Jacksonville, Florida was founded by Ernest Brandon. As leaders in the fitness industry, they have been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for over 15 years. Their unique and methodical approach to fitness allows them to achieve individuals` goals while always implementing a health oriented approach. They believe that teaching people how the body responds to exercise and nutrition, empowers their clients to achieve a lifetime of fitness. We provide personal training and nutrition counseling to Jacksonville and the Beaches area.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 996-9453

Cross Training
Cross Training San Marco's innovative approach to personal training is based on a holistic and integrated view of health and fitness. Unlike traditional exercise programs that regard the body as individual parts or groups, we view the body as a comprehensive unit. Our unconventional style of training combines cardiovascular exercises with strength training, enabling you to lose weight faster without the muscle loss associated with high levels of aerobic activity. As your abilities and goals change so should your workouts. Our trainers constantly monitor your progress and make adjustments accordingly. Since every workout is different, the experience is fun, interesting and easier to stick with than other exercise programs. This approach also circumvents the possibility for fitness plateaus. You receive personal attention and dynamic workouts that are tailored specifically to your fitness level, health considerations and overall fitness goals.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 619-3113

Elite Fitness
Elite Fitness is a company dedicated to personal training. Not only is it operated with lots of heart but each trainer brings a vast amount of experience. We strive on helping each client achieve their goal as quickly as possible with our personalized step-by-step program that includes the following: customized nutrition plan based on your body needs, intense exercise program based on your fitness level, supplement guidance, and an intense cardio workout. Elite Fitness is here to educate, motivate, adapt and over come all obstacles that are holding you back from sculpting your body to the way that you want it.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 683-3235

Snap Fitness
Get started with a fast, convenient and affordable workout every time - at Snap Fitness in Jacksonville, FL. Minutes from your home and packed with the industry's best cardio and exercise equipment, our gym gives you more for your money. Our certified Fitness Professionals can, quite literally, help change your life and how you view yourself. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your physique, train for sports competition or recover from injury, our trainers can provide the plan, coaching and motivation to get you there.
Location : Jacksonville, FL
Phone : (904) 738-8325