Top Grand Rapids Personal Trainers

Full Strength
Full Strength strives to provide you with innovative and personalized training techniques to achieve maximum performance. Our facility is open by appointment only, and trainers are available for on-site and off-site scheduling to meet your specific training requirements.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 988-8700

Jason Villareal
I am a certified personal trainer with 6 years of experience working with free weights, machines, various cardio methods , and core stability exercises. Working with different styles of exercises has given me the ability to mix and match what programs and routines work best for me and for others. I have worked with many age groups. My clientele age range is 21-83yrs old. I have ONE objective, and that is to get you to your goal.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 914-9873

All CoachMeFit trainers are certified by one of the nation’s top health and fitness organizations. Each workout they plan for you is customized to help you achieve your goals and may include cardiovascular workouts, weight training, flexibility exercises and sports training. They can also design a workout program that you can do on your own to augment the scheduled appointments.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 356-2030

Grand Rapids Snap Fitness
Our certified Fitness Professionals can, quite literally, help change your life and how you view yourself. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your physique, train for sports competition or recover from injury, our trainers can provide the plan, coaching and motivation to get you there. Starting with your FREE consultation, your Fit Pro reviews your medical and exercise history, clarifies your goals, tests your strength, endurance and flexibility and recommends a customized workout plan. From there, you have options - working one-on-one with your trainer on a regular basis, following a recommended routine with occasional check-ins or taking part in specialty classes like our Boot Camp 101.
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 942-5600

Fitness Achieved, LLC
Fitness Achieved offers a different solution to getting fit- a more convenient solution. We will design and train you an effective and safe workout to help you achieve your health and fitness goals all in your own home. Whether you have a full size gym in your home or no equipment at all, we are able to give you the same effective workout you would get in any gym! We provide knowledge, motivation, fun and RESULTS! All you have to do is be home for your scheduled time!
Location : Grand Rapids, MI
Phone : (616) 808-8107