Top Columbus Personal Trainers

Fitness Together
The clang of weights and the sounds of encouragement can be heard from our Personal Training Studios across the United States. Not only do you have a trainer to help every step of the way, but you also have your very own private training room. No more rushing from one exercise to another as equipment becomes available. At Fitness Together, the entire room of equipment is for you. Our programs offer a safe, effective way to help women and men achieve their fitness goals in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. With a Fitness Together personal trainer, results come quickly because you maximize exercise time, follow an eating plan, set goals, and have the accountability one often needs to stay with an exercise program. Our private training rooms, individualized programs, and motivating atmosphere set us apart from the average gym. Whether your goals are to firm up, lose inches, add stamina and strength, or add muscle, we have a program for you.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 488-3300

B.O.S.S. Fitness
B.O.S.S. Fitness is a personal training studio designed for the people. We have developed a unique system that allows exercisers to reach their ultimate fitness potential. Our trainers have different styles that cater to all of your fitness needs. Our studio is personal, private and different. We care about your fitness and make it a priority from the time you enter until the time you leave.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 294-2677

Victory Fitness Center
The individuals who comprise our Personal Fitness Training Staff are among the best in the industry. All of our trainers have degrees related to Exercise Physiology and are certified by the most recognized organizations in the world. Whether you are an elite athlete training for competitions, or new to exercise, we know you will find success working with our professional trainers.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 236-1440

The Human Form Fitness Studio
The Human Form Fitness Studio is the premiere facility for private, holistic personal training in Columbus, Ohio. If your goal is to lose 5-105 pounds, improve performance in a sport, eliminate low back pain, or just have more energy to enjoy life - we can assist you on that journey and ensure your success. The Human Form Holistic Health, Fitness & Performance Institute is here to assist you on that journey in any way possible. We are experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, lifestyle coaching, and energy psychology. In addition, we have developed an extensive referral network of related specialists in the fields of allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, massage, neuro-muscular therapy, rolfing, active release technique, muscle activation technique, and many others.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 487-1440

Mark Mayes
Mark Mayes, a 22+ year veteran of the fitness industry, has been a full-time personal trainer for the past 17 years. In 1991 he opened Fitness Resources, Inc., a personal training company. He and his staff have trained clients and run fitness programs at private clubs, physician offices, and corporate fitness centers. Mayes expanded Fitness Resources to two private studios and a corporate fitness center in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to his affiliation with Fitness Resources, he was the physical director at the Downtown Columbus YMCA.
Location : Columbus, OH
Phone : (614) 291-3488