Top Charlotte Personal Trainers

Alpha II Omega Sports Performance Center
Although you may think personal trainers only work with celebrities and professional athletes, ordinary men and women see benefits from personal training, and you can too. A personal trainer can help you: * Stay motivated & fight exercise boredom * Monitor your progress towards fitness goals & keep you focused * Identify weaker areas of your body and help you to get stronger & feel better * Make sure that you are exercising safely. Whether your goal is to get in shape for a special event, recover from an injury, or improve your strength, a trainer at Alpha II Omega Sports Performance Center can put together a plan that will help you reach it.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 891-1755

Fitness Together
At Fitness Together we pride ourselves in being Charlotte's premiere destination for Personal Training. As the area's leaders in health and fitness, our mission is to provide our clients with quality, one-on-one private personal training. We conduct our training sessions in a private personal training suite, so there is no intimidation, no pressure, and no sharing of equipment. Our programs offer a safe, effective way to help you achieve your fitness goals in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 333-2999

Shabaka Body of Dreams
Shabaka Amen's Body of Your Dreams Personal Training Studio specializes in healthy lifestyle-based personal training services. He and his team of Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Trainers provide leading-edge Mind-Body Fitness Training, which focuses on the science of the mind-body connection: the role and affect of thoughts (beliefs) and emotions (feelings) on body health and wellness. Mind-body Fitness training also focuses on the most important aspect to being healthy, well, and fit -- breathing. An innovative set of special breathing practices developed by Shabaka Amen are taught for optimal aerobic conditioning called "OxyRobics" and deep breathing practices designed to stimulate bodily relaxation and increased mindfulness called "Innercise" are exclusive to the studio. Shabaka is IFPA certified and has been in the wellness and fitness industry for 11 years.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 449-1476

Training Studio
As a Training Studio, we differentiate ourselves from a standard fitness gym because our focus is not on volume of members but rather on customer service and ensuring our clients are actually adhering to their exercise plan and achieving fabulous results! Your sessions are all about you. Every personal training program is different - one size does not fit all! Depending on your goals, physical fitness level, health history, interests, and your individual muscular imbalances, your trainer will design a custom-fit program perfect for you.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 377-2002

Peak Fitness
Originating in 1999, PEAK FITNESS has grown into a national leader by providing the most comprehensive, energetic, and affordable health and fitness option available. Simply put, our success stems from having the most comprehensive knowledgeable courteous staff, and affordable rates for everyone's budget. PEAK FITNESS offers a a wide array of activities, such as, group programming, Yoga, Pilates, Group Power, Personal Training, Martial Arts, Tanning, Basketball, Racquetball, Juice Bars, FREE Child Care, and much, much more.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 583-9400