Top Austin Personal Trainers

Paul Touey
Hire an experienced, well-educated personal trainer to provide guidance and motivation for your personal fitness plan. Paul Touey's academic knowledge and professional experience provides the foundation for a high-energy, safe, and effective personalized fitness routine. Whether you're a beginner who hates to exercise or a competitive athlete honing your skills, Paul can design a comprehensive program you can live with and enjoy. Paul's training sessions are designed to give you optimal fitness in a minimal amount of time. Discover the benefits of a fitness program based on sound scientific principles specifically tailored to meet your goals & needs. Paul can design a program for you to follow at home or at your gym. He trains his clients at Fitness On Fifth, where is a co-owner and director.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 658-1923

Jake Bellonzi
I'm a certified personal fitness trainer, weight loss expert, sports training coach and the owner of Train With Jake. What Jake Offers * 1-on-1 Personal Training * Couple's Personal Training * Group Personal Training * In Home Personal Training * Sport Specific Athletic Training * Weight Loss Fitness Training * Customized Dietary and Nutrition Consultations & Programs to Accelerate Your Goals * Personalized Workouts Designed & Implemented for Your Home or the Gym * Helping You Understand All Components Necessary to Live a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle * Boot Camps
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 554-9944

Jeff Ecton
Are you looking for a personal trainer to assist you with a fitness program that you will actually enjoy doing? Let Jeff develop and implement a customized, dynamic program designed to match your fitness goals and aspirations. I have assisted clients with achieving their goals of: - Increasing Strength - Weight Loss/ Weight Gain - Relieving Back Pain - Increasing Muscle Strength and Balance - Improving Posture - Improving Athletic Performance - Increasing Energy - Improving Nutrition - Post Injury Rehab.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 567-6673

Sondra Lieder, CSCS, CPT
Everyone can benefit from Personal Training, not just beginners or pro-athletes. My style of training involves a healthy lifestyle change that includes nutrition, setting reasonable goals, strength training, cardiovascular training, recovery, motivation, and encouragement. Your workouts will be challenging, interesting, and fun, making it easier for you to adopt or maintain a habit of fitness that will benefit you now and as you get older. There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets to get and keep you fit and in good health. Personal training is a collaborative effort between the trainer and the client. It is my job to design a safe and effective program specifically for you. None of my clients have the exact same program as they all have different goals and body types. The client’s job is to trust the trainer’s knowledge and expertise and be willing to put forth effort. Yes, working out is challenging. Yes, sometimes you aren’t going to want to train. Yes, sometimes you will hate me. As long as you try, you will be successful with me. I can help you if you are ready to make a lifestyle change.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 750-9471

Results Personal Training
I am a certified Personal Trainer that focuses on injury prevention and weight management. Regardless if you are interested in weight loss or gaining lean muscle, my goal is to safely assist you yet push you toward achieving your desired fitness results. I have been training varied clientele since 1996. I have trained middle and high school athletes through the elderly with several different goal sets. I have training experience in both weight loss and weight gain in both genders. I like to try to keep my clients motivated through fun, safe, and functional workouts that keep them challenged while steering them towards their goals. I have a special interest in training young female athletes in injury prevention.
Location : Austin, TX
Phone : (512) 797-1891